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VIDEO: Network Lock in Medication Cabinet


Imagine one security system...
     With centralized access management...
          Controlling access to ALL
computer cabinets, medication boxes and door accesses!!  

User Advantages

• Easy to Use
• Easy to Add or Remove Personnel
• Easy to Create and Access Reports
• Key override if lock fails
• Captag option for magnetic strips
• Compatible with most HID/Prox Cards

Facility Advantages
• Low installation cost
• Power supplied through PoE (Power Over Ethernet)
• Continued function through power loss.
• Multiple facilities can be controlled and monitored.

IT Advantages
• Centralized Administration
Full integration with Active Directory

• Easy to understand and create reports
• Clear and concise access control administration
• Easily scalable
• Doors and cabinets become simple network appliances.

See what the Cygnus NetLock can do for your facility. Call our product specialists today at 888-760-8159. To learn more about the system see the NetLock page on our website.