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Cygnus announces the Bay View collection to its line of wood medication cabinets, hallway computing stations, patient room charting cabinets and laptop docking stations for hospitals, clinics and long term care facilties.

All of our wall mounted cabinets, EHR computing stations, medication stations can have the option of an IP based, network locking system...with FULL audit trail.

Cygnus now offers anti-microbial finish on all its wall mount metal computer cabinets and workstations.

Economy laptop mobile computing cart

Wall mounted articulating arm for laptop. Self closes when not in use.

Great laptop cart for a great price!

Great laptop cart for a great price!

Great laptop cart for a great price!

Healthcare Design Symposium Award for Most Innovative Product


Our BayView collection won a prestigious award for most innovative product at the Healthcare Facilities and Symposium Distinction Awards.

We took a look at the way technology is integrated into a room and responded by creating a furniture feel EMR workstation.


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Access Controlled Security for all our wall mounted hospital computer cabinets and medication boxes.

All of our hospital computer cabinets and medication boxes can now have an industry exclusive security system. An integrated system is easy for caregivers to use and simple for security and HR staff to administer.

The security access system is uniquely powerful in that it allows an unlimited number of doors and cabinets to be administered from one workstation.


NetLock Medication Cabinet High Security