30" wall mount computer cabinet_patient room

nurse server, metal computer charting station

patient room electronic charting cabinet

patient room walleroo charting station

metal EMR computing stations,

patient room electronic charting station

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30" Vertical In-Room Computing Stations

Cygnus keeps care close to the patient in a controlled, uncluttered environment. This harmonious blend of form, function and flow maximizes a positive healthcare experience for patients and staff, promoting quality of care and ultimately, facility reputation.

M3049: Metal with powder-coated finish
Dimensions: 30" W x 49" H x 7.5" D
Weight: 90 lbs

Adjustable self-closing door
Push-button mechanical lock on upper medication box and main compartment
Medication box door opens up and is supported by two cylinders
Cutout for power and data access in lower cam-locked CPU compartment
Antimicrobial finishes available
Universal CPU and monitor bracket*
Top and bottom ventilation panels
A/C cooling fan Assembly

Push-button electronic lock
IP-based Network Lock
Dual extension 180° articulating arm with monitor tilt and adjustable keyboard tray *
Tambour door
Mouse holder
Lights, LED and halogen

* Not all options available on all depths

Recommended Computer Models
Thin Clients
Ultra Small Form Factor
Up to 19" monitors

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