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40" Single Charting Station

Cygnus understands that there in certain facilities there is a need for both paper and computer charting as well as a need for quick workspace. Our 4040 cabinet was designed to take care of all these needs in one workstation. The HortonBay series features a tough appliance-grade finish combined with stainless steel accents to complete a fresh, modern look.


HB4040: Metal with powder-coated finish,
Dimensions: 40” W x 40” H x 4” D
Weight: 80 lbs

Adjustable self-closing door
Sliding keyboard tray
Continuous built-in recessed handle
Built-in angled top
Push-button keyless lock on main compartment
Cam keyed lock on upper CPU compartment
Cutouts for electric
Passive ventilation system
Universal bracket system
Custom configurations
Electronic Lock

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